Waste, recycling and cleaning

Council provides a Hard and Green Waste Collection for things that you need to get rid of, that can’t be recycled or used by others. You can book a collection here by answering a few simple questions.

  • Step 1 - Waste type
  • Step 2 - Your address
  • Step 3 - Pickup date
  • Step 4 - Your details
  • Step 5 - Confirmation

Let us know the different types of waste you need collected. This helps us send the right truck to collect it.​
If you are not sure, refer to the Hard and Green Waste Collection guidelines for more information.

Hard and green waste

  • Christmas Tree (Christmas tree collections do not count towards your free hard and green waste collections)
  • Furniture and Household items
  • Electronic items
  • Branches, clippings or prunings
  • Mattress base (1 mattress base per booking)


  • Mattress (1 mattress per booking)


  • Fridges
  • Freezers
(Fridge and freezer doors removed)

Each year residents are eligible for:
  • Up to 4 free hard and green waste collections per household
  • Up to 6 free collections per multi-unit dwelling (shared between blocks of flats, apartments and units)
Size limits apply. We can collect:
  • Up to 2m3 of hard or green waste per booking, or
  • Up to 2m3 hard waste plus 2m3 green waste (up to 4m3 combined)
  • Max weight per item 50kg
  • Max length per item 1.5m